The winery of Andrea Pirlo and family in Brescia

In 2007, Andrea Pirlo, with the help of his family, found a small estate near the birthplace of the father in Castel Mella, founded the Agricultural Society Pratum Coller Ltd. Once purchased the property, the desire of the family was immediately to restore the original natural balance of this corner of paradise surrounded by vineyards. First of all with respect and recovery of the environment, renouncing all forms of deliberate pollution to safeguard the relationship between nature, space and time.The main mission of the family had Pirlo enhance the dialogue with nature, through an inner journey, until the symbiosis in a sustainable balance. The path is long but the passion, enthusiasm and contribution of so many people of the place, along with the course of Nature, gave new life to a place full of farming history: from a simple farmhouse, its countryside, its hills and memories of a time that is no more, comes a unique wine.
For information on events and tastings, call the 030 349916
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